UPDATED: 01/24/2012

On sale: 27.5 lb/12.5 kg Poundzero bumpers
$70.00/each plus shipping

High quality, Multi - purpose 27.5 lb/12.5 kg bumpers adapt to either pound bars and weight sets or kilo bars and weight sets:

With 45 lb bars, begin with 100 lbs for easy adding:

27.5 lb bumper x 2 plus 45 lbs = 100 lbs

With 15 kg bars begin with 40 kg:

12.5 kg x 2 + 15 kg = 40 kg

Unique design (27.5 lbs = 12.5 kg) simplifies counting and adding weight to two different weight systems.


UPDATED: 01/24/2012

Metal SALE Metal record discs 0.5 kg DF-22
Metal SALE Metal record discs 0.25 kg DF-23


adidas $29.00/pr
Power Perfect Blue CLOSEOUT
Model No. 072038
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