MULTI PURPOSE Electronic Integrated SYSTEM - 501
About the MPS - 501
MPS-501 - Multi Purpose Electronic Integrated System - 501.

MPS-501 is an excellent solution for on-line testing and training.

MPS-501 is a highly accurate electronic instrument especially designed for measuring: Running Speed, Jumping Height, Reaction Time, Quickness, Agility, Endurance and Body Composition which includes body weight, height, % fat, LBM and more.

MPS-501 is five different hi-tech instruments in one integrated system working wireless indoor and outdoors. Pay for one and get fivel

MPS-501 is a Timesaver
No more paper work and unnecessary questions during the testsl All the data are automatically recorded and stored online by using the special MPS-501 software together with the Special (BCSS) Bar-Code-Scanning-System for on-line automatic recognition of any participant in the tests.

Practical and Technological Advantages of MPS-501

Indoor and Outdoor operation
MPS-501 is easy to use indoors as well as outdoors. The system is designed for a standalone operation of at least 48 hours while running on rechargeable batteries.

Wireless operation
Most of the modules are wire-less and communicate with the MCU (Main Control Unit) using a coded radio frequency. Cables are needed only for those modules that are located closely to the MCU and can also be optionally replaced with a wireless communication. The user can configure each telemetric unit's code.

Because of the high degree of modularity, MPS-501 can be configured as a complete system, allowing a whole range of tests and measurements, or it may be used as a partial system, using only those components that are relevant for the user. A partial system can be easily extended from a single-function system into a multi-function system or into a complete system.

All parts of MPS-501 are accurately packed into 3 heavyduty, weatherproof, aluminum reinforced cases, which are, easy to carry. After removal of the equipment from cases, outdoors, the cases can be used as ad-hoc stands or as tables. The cases are light and strong and can be used in all seasons and in any extreme weather conditions.

BCSS - Identification / Recognition feature
MPS-501 uses a special BCSS (Bar-Code-Scanning-System) for automatic recognition of participants during tests. MCU has a standard PS2 input for connecting a hand held barcode scanner. CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) scanners are used. CCD technology is renown in the industry for its durability and easy maintenance. User- friendly computer software allows entry of information about athletes before the
tests take place. After definition of athletes has been noted, special barcode labels are printed and attached to the athletes. During the test, the athlete's barcode label is scanned with the barcode reader and identified by MCU. The result is stored and attached automatically to the athlete's file.

MPS-501 Software
Special Software was designed for bi-directional communication between MCU and the PC by using a standard RS-232 cable. This software allows analysis of data collected by the different extensions
(instruments) of MPS-501. Other features of the software are graphical presentation of data, statistical analysis, data storage, etc.

Printing the results
MPS-501 is equipped with a compact thermal printer that can be used for creating reports on the field by using a standard 58 mm paper roll. Thermal printers are convenient in operation and do not use a toner.

The MCU (Main Control Unit)
MCU is the actual heart and brain of the system and all the operations of MPS-501 are controlled by the MCU. All modules and Instruments are connected to the MCU. The connectors are all different which helps the user to correctly connect the devices to each other.
Data are transferred for storage from MCU to PC over a standard RS-232 cable. It is not mandatory to have a PC. The MCU console can be used instead of a PC, thus providing all necessary features for basic operation of MPS-501.

MCU console provides a 128x64 backlit graphics LCD display and a high-quality keyboard. Since most of the elements in the system are wireless, MCU is equipped with a license-free (10 mW) 433-418 MHz radio communications.

In order to allow a fast input of data, MCU provides a port for connection of a barcode reader and a PS2 type keyboard.

MCU has a programmable sound unit, which can produce audible signals as required by the user.


1. Main system - MCU (Main control unit)
a. Microprocessor controlled main system
b. 0.001 sec based main timing unit
c. 128X64 graphics display with backlit
d. Realtime clock for time and date functions with internal battery backup
e. Self battery powered system
f. Sensor for ambient temperature
g. Soft functions keys for easy and user friendly operation
h. High quality membrane switches and front panel
2. Others

a. High quality tripods for gates, reflectors, sound unit and scoreboards
b. Standard RS232 port
c. Telemetry scorboard data transfer (optional)
d. IRDA com port (optional)
e. Standart software for PC
f. Aliminium reinforced heavy duty carrying cases
g. Standard serial thermal printer (58mm)

Main functions of the MPS-501 are:

a. Complete coded telemetry system
b. Each gate can be addressed as START or FINISH
c. Twin IR photocell sensors on each gate for better operation
d. Unlimited number of gates can be used
e. 300 meter range (On sight)
f. All of the units of the system have their own rechargable high capacity batteries
g. 1/1000 sec precision timer
h. 3 modes, Single time, LAP time from start and LAP time from beginning of last lap (Intermediate).
i. Presetable coundown timer from 00:01 to 59:59
j. Sound unit can be activated while countdown timer start or reach 00:00
k. High power sound unit with electronic volume and frequency control
I. STARTING BLOCK SENSOR for measuring reaction time after gun or sound start
m. Hand unit for external START, STOP or LAP
n. Optional gun start
o. Two 15cm X4 digit electromechanical scoreboards
p. Scoreboards can be addressed individually to display time of day, date, temperature, count down timer, LAP, resulting time etc.
q. Memory for 1500 results
r. Optional telemetry operation of scoreboards
s. Graphics LCD display on main unit for better view
t. Serial thermal printer
u. AT type keyboard and barcode scanner for text input (Name, surname, age)
v. RS 232 interface
w. Computer program for further analysis of data

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