A Demasulinization of Strength
A Demasulinization of Strength

"A Demasulinization of Strength" is a new book from Sportivny Press. A product of more than three years of research; this scholarly text chronicles the how and why the modern female weightlifter has evolved to lift weights which were unimaginable at the time of the first world championships for women. The "great leap forward" began in 1987 with the first world championships for woment weightlifters. By the end of 1987 the female world records were apporximately 53% of the respective male records. Today this strength gap is about 80% and is still closing.

Many common physiological differences between the sexes which are believed to inflict the female athlete with a predisposition to injury, are shown in this book to be unsubstantiated, myths. Many are in fact advantages in power sports.

The text is laid out in landscape with 50 full page color picutres and more than 100 references; many of which are translations of Soviet era or Russian research.

"In all probability, it is highly unlikely those who witnessed the 155 kg Paul Anderson lift 182.5 kg in the clean and jerk at the 1955 world championships, to become the world's strongest man, could imagine that by the year 2009, a 116 kg, 26 year old woman would lift 187 kg in the very same exercise.

A feat even more difficult feat for those who witnessed Anderson to comprehend, would be the spectacle of 17 year old female performing an impossible warm up series of high intensity lifts for more than two hours at a world competition, with no visible signs of fatigue; her performance culminating in a world record lift in the clean and jerk of 135 kg; 0.5 more than the world record of an adult male of nearly the same bodyweight in 1956."

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Naim Suleymanoglu
The Pocket Hercules

This book is now available from Sportivny Press. The author Enver Terkileri was Naim's first coach in Bulgaria. The book covers Naim's weightlifting career including his immigration to Turkey. Included are two technical sections devoted to Naim’s technique and his training methods. This book is the first published, accurate account of Naim's training.

The text was originally published in Turkish. The original has been translated into English. Price $32.00 + $9.00 shipping and handling.